Review: OXO Tot On–the-Go Wipe Dispenser with Nappy Pouch

Review: OXO Tot On–the-Go Wipe Dispenser with Nappy Pouch


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Keep changing bags neat and organised with OXO Tot’s On–the-Go Wipe Dispenser with Nappy Pouch.  Our Parent Panel have been putting it to the test.


Keep changing bags neat and organised with OXO Tot’s On–the-Go Wipe Dispenser with Nappy Pouch (RRP £18.) Available in an on-trend shade of grey to easily accessorise with other baby and toddler essentials, the 2-in-1 case features a hard dispenser for wipes as well as a handy fabric pouch for storing up to five nappies.

Ensuring nappies remain clean and organised, this must-have product is also great for carrying nappy cream, keys or your phone. The large button makes for easy, one-handed opening while the silicone tether securely attaches the case to pushchair or car seat backs.

3 reviews for Review: OXO Tot On–the-Go Wipe Dispenser with Nappy Pouch

  1. natnat09

    This product got 3 stars for me simply because I found it very basic and I don’t feel that it is a necessity.
    It didn’t come with any instructions but they were not needed as it was simple to use.
    It feels as if it is well made and will last a lifetime however it was difficult to fit 5 nappies in the nappy compartment. I also felt the wipe compartment was sometimes difficult to flip open when I needed a wet wipe in a hurry.
    My daughter is 7 months so I still need to take a change bag to keep all of her bottles etc in so I don’t feel that this product makes much difference to my life.
    I believe the product is better suited to somebody with an older child that only needs to take a few nappies/wet wipes out as it would easily fit in a standard size handbag.
    I do feel the price is a little too high for what it is so I wouldn’t personally but it myself.
    That being said if it was a gift I would happily except it.

  2. sarahjf83

    I give this product 4 stars! Firstly I love being able to just grab this little bag out and know I have everything i need in it for a nappy change. I easily fit in x4 size 4 nappies in the pouch as well as a few nappy sacks and a tube of nappy cream and then 20 wet wipes in the actual dispenser. This to me is the perfect amount. It is sturdy and i believe will prove to be hard wearing over time. The fabric of the nappy pouch is easily wiped , my 6 year old helped herself to some wipes with chocolate fingers, so this is a big plus in my eyes as it will never look grubby!

    My husband loves it, he hates our change bag he says it is a disaster and he is pretty impressed that he can just grab this out rather than rifling through! And when out and about for a short period of time it is handy to just pop in my bag or under the pram rather than dragging the change bag around.

    The only negative i can give this is the fastening on the handle. whilst doing the school run i strapped this to the pram my 6 year old grabbed hold of the dispenser and it popped out of the fastener so maybe it would benefit from a clip rather than just the toggle and hole. Up until this point it did happily hang from the pram handle with no mishaps!

    I think I would buy this product as it can be used for other items in the future, and lets be honest wipes are always needed, and at the moment it is the only wipe dispenser which offers the bonus of having nappies in the pocket on the back, which can quite easily be filled with other “essentials” when nappies are no longer needed.

  3. Conniesmummy

    As a mum of an 17 month old, this product is ideal for throwing into her backpack or pump bag.
    I do have something similar, but it doesn’t have the wipe dispenser. This is what I like the most. I was a bit sceptical at first as it states that it will fit around 20 wipes in and not a whole pack. I worried that I’d have to start buying travel sized packs of wipes just for using with this. However, I simply pulled a wad of wipes out of a larger pack and put them in. They pull perfectly out of the dispenser and stay moist.
    I couldn’t fit 5 nappies in, but my little girl is in size 5 pants. I managed 4 at a push with a few bags. Nowhere for bum cream, but we don’t apply all the time now and use good nappies so no sore bums.
    Overall I would recommend this product. I’m envisaging that I will use it mostly over the summer when we are away in our caravan.

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