Review: Braun ThermoScan® 3 Ear thermometer

Review: Braun ThermoScan® 3 Ear thermometer


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Easy to use, the Braun ThermoScan® 3 Ear thermometer accurately measures the body temperature of your child, our Parent Panel have put it to the test!


Being able to quickly and accurately take a child’s temperature when they become ill is essential in establishing the differences between a common cold and more serious illness such as flu or a throat infection. Simple and easy to use, the Braun ThermoScan® 3 Ear thermometer will accurately measure and record the body temperature of your child, allowing you to closely monitor his or her fever and track how it develops over time.

Featuring a new compact design for ease of use, the ThermoScan 3 has been designed to measure the heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue, delivering a fast temperature measurement in just one second with clinically proven accuracy. Soft and gentle in the ear, to minimise discomfort for little ones, the thermometer sounds a beep to signal the end of the reading.

Safe for the whole family including newborns, the thermometer also comes with a new audio fever indicator helping you to quickly interpret the temperature reading with the number of beeps. One beep indicating normal, two beeps an elevated reading and four beeps suggesting a high temperature, in which case you might want to visit a doctor to establish if there is a more serious underlying illness.

The thermometer can easily be cleaned and switched between users thanks to the BPA and latex free disposable lens filters, which avoid cross contamination. An easy to read display makes interpreting temperature readings simple and hassle free, while the memory recall feature stores the last temperature measurement so you can monitor fever throughout the day and night.

At £34.99 the ThermoScan 3 is ideal for families working to a budget and comes with 21 lens filters and a probe protection cap.

3 reviews for Review: Braun ThermoScan® 3 Ear thermometer

  1. Lisa

    Well this in ear thermometer is a first for me as I have only ever used under the arm ones.
    It was so easy to use I’m never going back now.
    Easy to follow instruction book.
    Take off protective cap
    Clip on lens filter
    Turn on
    Place in ear press the button
    And it’s done.
    I love the beep system
    1 beep normal
    2 beeps repeated elevated
    4 beeps repeated high
    You can also change the temperature settings.
    Myself and my baby have both been under the weather this week so this has been a god send knowing I could keep an eye on both our temperatures.
    I would definitely recommend it and it seems to be one of the less expensive ones on the market, so it’s definitely good value for money.

  2. Laura

    This thermometer is so easy to use, My 3 year old has already mastered it, and it makes taking her temperature so easy – Just so long as she takes mine first.

    It is very simple to set up, Just open the packet, push the button and away you go. The protective caps are easy to change, Just push the thermometer into the cap and it clicks straight on. The product comes with 20 caps so that is plenty to see you through a bout of illness, The probe covers are inexpensive to buy should you run low.

    I thought that this would be slightly intrusive of the ear – a thing to worry about with some children. However it just sits just inside the ear and is comfortable.

    Should you need to take the temperature at night it beeps, once for normal, twice for slightly raised and 4 beeps for a high temperature. A very handy feature.

    You can change the temperature settings on this fairly easily too if you prefer to have Fahrenheit over celsius. The default is celsius.

    Luckily we were all well but it was great to try out and its now pride of place in the medicine cupboard just incase and the children all know how to use it too!

  3. Mummyhalls

    Fantastic thermometer.
    The Braun thermoscan thermometer is a nice light weight in ear thermometer,

    I like that it’s very simple to use just put in a cap place in ear and press the button. As well as displaying the temperature the thermometer will bleep once for normal temp, twice for elevated and 4 beeps for a high temperature, as well as last temperature memory setting.

    As it stands my 3 year old is currently poorly and this thermometer makes tracking his temp very easy with minimal distraction.

    I would definitely recommend the Braun thermoscan thermometer!

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