Review: Babystyle Oyster Zero Pushchair

Review: Babystyle Oyster Zero Pushchair


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Ideal for parents on the go, the Oyster Zero from Babystyle is everthing you could want from a lightweight stroller and our Parent Panel have been putting it through its paces!


Ideal for parents on the go, the Oyster Zero from Babystyle is everthing you could want from a lightweight stroller.

The Oyster Zero is not only stylish, its also easy to use with a simple fold action. The hood contains UV protection as well as an extra sun visor. A large fully reclining seat means that the pushcair is suitable to use from birth and all the way up to a maximum user weight of 15kg.  It’s also able to take a carry cot and is compatible with most car seats.

Available in a choice of 5 colours: Ink Black, Olive Green, Oxford Blue, Wow Pink and Pure Silver.

Babystyle Oyster Zero

Features we love

  • Lightweight aluminium chassis.
  • Ability to take a carrycot.
  • Fully reclining seat suitable from birth.
  • Factor 50+UV hood.
  • Extra pull out sun visor.
  • All round suspension.
  • Compatible with most leading car seats.
  • Extendable hood.
  • Large shopping basket with raincover compartment.
  • Accomodating seat unit.
  • Adjustable Footrest.
  • Lockable swivel front wheels.
  • Only 7.9kg

Babystyle Oyster Zero

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3 reviews for Review: Babystyle Oyster Zero Pushchair

  1. laurapitcher18

    From the beginning this stroller was easy to put together with clear instructions and not much room for error (I put it together by myself in about 3 minutes!!!!) My previous pushchair did not have any written instructions, just pictures and it took us over an hour to figure out how to put it together. Just remember in all of the excitement to unlock the wheels – for a week or so I was using the Oyster Zero with the wheel lock on the front wheels!!

    The stroller is extremely lightweight and has a fairly narrow base, perfect for use in busy areas or narrow streets. It has a compact fold and is easy to get in and out of your car due to being so lightweight. It is very handy to have the car seat adapters, I found they clipped on easily and the car seat felt secure on the base despite the base being a lightweight stroller. The product states use from birth, but I did not particularly like having my three month baby in the stroller facing forward as he looked like a little doll in there!! The carrycot is certainly worth purchasing, I felt that the quality of the carry cot was exceedingly good. The mattress is very soft and spongy; my baby looked very comfortable when he was lying in there. The carrycot is also light and clips on at ease.

    I really look forward to using the oyster zero stroller once my little boy is bigger, the stroller is stylish and I particularly liked the tan handle and seat bar against the black material and silver frame. It is a shame that the handlebar does not have a variation of heights as it was quite high but nothing you could not get used too.
    The cosy toes were easy to attach and I also felt that it was really great my baby was nearly laying flat and that in the future he will be able to nap very comfortably in the Oyster Zero.

    The extendable UV canopy is great for nap time whilst out and about; it folds out pretty far, and will also be great to use on sunny days. I also felt the peep flap was a good size and therefore you could see your baby well.

    Overall, I felt the price of the pushchair was very reasonable for the quality of the product and it certainly looks more expensive than it is. I would highly recommend purchasing the Oyster Zero for use from birth until they no longer require a pushchair.

  2. Sharleyjp

    I’ve been through a fair few pushchairs with four kids and am always looking for the one that does it all or can suit any need, light and easy for travelling, adaptable to different surfaces- grass, pavement. in the car on public transport, newborn or toddler etc. It’s not an easy choice to make but the Oyster Zero is something different that very nearly has it all for me!
    The Zero is like a 2017 modern day version ‘with a twist’ umbrella stroller.
    To me the Babystyle pushchair is like a cross between your common umbrella stroller and your ‘it does everything’ travel system. It folds in half horizontally rather than vertically like your normal umbrella stroller and wow is it easy to fold down. But it is so much more than that, it can be converted to a travel system with car seat adaptors, (which I did find very useful when going in to town) it also has a carrycot option for newborn babies which I loved. the carry cot is stylish, easy to fit and compact so doesn’t take up a lot of space. We even used for baby to sleep in when visiting family as it was easier to bring than any other options (such as a Moses basket). I also really like that it has hidden viewing panel within the hood, you don’t often get that on the carrycots.
    You do need adaptors for the carrycot and then different adaptors for your car seat but these are small enough to keep in your car / with you etc. They are easy to lock in to your pushchair and then add your car seat or carrycot.
    This is a decent size pushchair when not folded down and would certainly last through until your child wants to walk everywhere and they wouldn’t feel or look too cramped.
    The pushchair is lightweight in comparison to other travel system style pushchairs but is heavier in comparison to the very light umbrella strollers. It folds fairly compact (short and wide) and has an easy tight turn, so great for getting around little villages and their shops.
    It did take me a while first time round to unlock it from the folded lock position! I wasn’t sure I had the right bit and didn’t want to pull too hard and break something, where the folding mechanism is red plastic the locking catch matches the other plastic parts to the pushchair frame.
    The Oyster Zero would be amazing for holiday (and we will be taking it with us, no other pushchair compares and meets all our needs like the Zero), it has an extendable UV canopy and feels like a sturdy quality hood folds out nicely, unzips to extend and has a metal trim to give it a bit of weight and structure.
    The black fabrics with silver frame and brown handlebar (and seat bar, also used a carry handle when folded down) create a very stylish look that certainly adds to its quality design. The seat bar / carry handle is perfectly placed when folded down to carry it with ease and can still be removed once carried to make it a bit more compact if tight on space!
    My only real fault with the pushchair was the break pad / release, it felt a little thin and flimsy and on occasion didn’t lock in to break, it may just be something I need to get used to as all pushchairs vary slightly, especially with their foot brakes!
    Just a note for anyone who is a little on the short side or doesn’t like a high handlebar to their pushchair – this is quite high, so try before you buy!
    If you are going to be using a pushchair in and out of the car a lot then I would recommend this superb all rounder that is so compact when folded down. I do also think this would be an ideal stroller for when going on holiday, particularly with the extending hood.
    For the price and the way this pushchair feels and functions it is great value and looks like it is worth more
    Overall, I think this is a really well priced combi pushchair that will appeal to so many people, with the flexibility of it’s compact fold, lightweight, from birth use and multi-function (carrycot, car seat, just a pushchair). – I guess you really can have it all in one!

  3. katiebrown08

    This pushchair was very easy to assemble, straight forward and simple instructions, I managed to put it together whilst having my toddler trying to climb in it! It all fits together with one click! The wheels come locked so remember to unlock them, unless you prefer it that way!

    Compared to our other pushchair it is very easy to push and manoeuvre. It’s verylightweight, very handy for curbs, you can even do it one handed!

    It was easy to collapse and put up, it folds down fairly flat, but it is a bit awkward to grab hold of something to pick it up and put in the car.
    When it does fold flat, compared to our other pushchair, nothing gets caught, ie. Hood and handle bar, so you don’t have to pick the bits out that have got stuck.

    I felt that the cosy toes fits perfectly and doesn’t move around, especially with a fidgety toddler, it has poppers to hold it in place! What I also liked is when the seat lies flat you can pull it up higher, it has a magnet on the fold so it doesn’t flap around everywhere! It’s a soft fabric inside for extra cosiness!

    The UV protection on the hood is a fantastic idea! It comes down low, so perfect for a sleeping baby in the sun, it has a peep hole so you can keep an eye on them without having to pull the hood up and down.

    Also on the hood, just under the handle bar, there’s a little pocket which is perfect for putting your purse/keys/phone for easy access! The storage space under the seat looks small but is actually quite deceptive we can fit a lot of bits underneath and it’s quite secure, not letting anything fall out.

    There’s also a safety strap, on the handlebar, unsure what it’s for, but it works perfectly for another little person to hold on to, it gives a bit of extra space so the wheels don’t rub on their little shins.

    Overall, I’m very happy with this pushchair and has replaced our other one! The quality of the Oyster Zero doesn’t match the price, it matches a lot of the high end pushchairs, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy a new stroller, and my husband and I are going to consider buying the carrycot for when we have baby number 2.

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