Your Pregnancy Week by Week

What is happening to your body, how your baby is growing and developing and what to expect for each stage of pregnancy.

First Trimester – 0 – 12 weeks

Second Trimester – 13 – 28 weeks

  • Developing pregnancy at 21 weeks

Your Pregnancy: 21-24 weeks

February 17th, |0 Comments

Braxton Hicks, varicose veins, stronger movements - just a few of the things that you can expect in weeks 21-24 of pregnancy! Meanwhile your baby can now hear and recognise your voice!

  • Developing pregnancy at 25 weeks

Your Pregnancy: 25-28 weeks

February 17th, |0 Comments

You're now nearing the end of the second trimester and as your baby gets bigger, so will you! As you progress from week 25 to week 28, you may start to feel the strain...

Third Trimester – 29 – 40 weeks

  • Developing pregnancy at 29 weeks

Your Pregnancy: 29-32 weeks

February 17th, |0 Comments

Welcome to the third trimester!! Tiredness, heartburn and leg cramps are just a few of the delights that you can expect but, on the positive side, you're now on the home stretch and soon your baby will arrive!

  • Developing pregnancy at 33 weeks

Your pregnancy: 33-36 weeks

February 17th, |0 Comments

With the big day rapidly approaching, now's the time to make sure you're ready; hospital bag packed, baby and maternity supplies all stocked . Just as you're preparing, so is your baby - head becoming engaged and ready to make an appearance!