If you would like to advertise on NowBaby TV you can contact the team to find out what opportunities are available for you to reach our audience.

What is NowBabyTV

NowBabyTV is a unique information channel reaching mums-to-be. It provides factual help, advice, promotions and entertainment to a captive audience

Available on TV screens in antenatal clinics nationwide and via web and mobile. NowBaby TV provides factual help, advice, promotions and entertainment to an eager and engaged audience

NowBabyTV Media Pack


The ability to deliver the right message… To the right audience…at the right time…

NowBaby TV

Audience and Hospitals coverage

Percentage of all UK Births coverage 76.4%
Number of Hospitals Installed 135+
Number of Screens 308+
Total Number of Births 592,000+
Annual Footfall for NowBaby TV 5.3 million+ viewers

*all infomercials must be at least 90 seconds duration and not exceed 2 minutes including top and tail sponsor credits

What Packages are available?

There are a number of different ways to become involved with the channel:

Spot advertising

30″ adverts

Due to the captive environment time at clinics, the audience can consume a television commercial in the normal way. Baby TV plays each ad twice in the 90 minute loop to coincide with the average waiting time.


Top Tips, Did You Know?

The channel offers numerous opportunities for brands to communicate messages to expectant mums in a more subtle way using the association of a particular editorial subject to encompass certain brand values. Sponsorship bumpers precede and follow our regular programming strands.

Infomercial programming

1 to 2 minute films

When the sponsor wants to communicate more detailed information or demonstrate the product in use, a longer film may be more appropriate. Baby TV can help clients create these infomercials to ensure the right look and feel is achieved.

For more information contact david.salem@nowbaby.co.uk or call 0333 600 2229

Video production & content development

Where creative material does not exist, NowBaby will work with clients to produce content from either still or moving images. NowBaby’s experienced production team is able to develop creative in a variety of formats to engage with your core markets and enhance consumer impact.

  • Videos – The optimum length of videos is between 30-90 seconds
  • Banner Adverts
    – MPU – 300 x 250 pixels
    – Leader Board – 782 x 90 pixels
  • Brand Author posts
  • Giveaways, Competitions (including in hospital promotion)
  • Product reviews
  • Polls & surveys
  • Newsletter & emails
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Sponsored posts

Does NowBaby TV work?

NowBabyTV has conducted a number of independent research studies on behalf of advertisers. Results proved that NowBabyTV is a strong communications vehicle for new & expectant parents, providing useful and relevant information during this significant life stage. The findings are summarised below.

  •  94% recalled seeing the screens and thought it was a good idea
  • 75% thought NowBaby TV gave practical, helpful information
  • 64% thought it gave new information and advice not previously considered
  • 53% felt it positively influenced purchasing decisions

For more information contact david.salem@nowbaby.co.uk or call 0333 600 2229

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